Friday, July 26, 2013

A Warm Welcome

Hi readers!

My name is Michelle and I'm currently a student double majoring in English Literature and Studio Art (with a concentration in drawing.)  As such, I love drawing and I love writing!
On this blog, I intend to post personal artwork, to write about said artwork, to post references, ideas, inspirations, and tips!
I've taken many classes (and even taught a few) and so I have many tricks of the trade to share with you all.
Because I am still a student, I am still learning.  If you want to share things with me or have constructive criticism for my work, I'd love to read and learn!
If you have anything you would like to see more of, please send me a message or comment and let me know.

Personally, I am a big fan of figure drawing.  I think that the human body is lovely - the curves, angles, highlights, and shadows are incredibly aesthetically pleasing.  This means I probably will be posting a lot of my own figure drawings as well as references.  I do enjoy still-lives and landscapes, but figure drawing is just my favorite.

Thank you all for coming to my page and I hope you like what you find!

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